Our main goal is to share Dreams to kids at the hospital: we want to support psychologically and socially in their lock-down and share our perspectives enabling them to Surpass Themselves with the great help of l’Association l’ENVOL. The next generations expect from adults a world to live and to rule in harmony with the Blue Planet.

Blue Bike Innovation Tour: 4 Missions:

  • Awareness of Climate change by gaming in order to understand and to act accordingly
  • New Ecological Mobility targeting Zero C02 emission
  • Enrich  the solar bike prototype by using sustainable sciences embedding circular economy & Open Innovation research
  • Co-create in a virtuous economic ecosystem respecting the circular economy in order to deliver two operational offers : BlueBikeInnovation.com & WeBoostYourProject.com

We were also invited for our first project show during « World’s Climate Conference for the 50th anniversary of world’s first Earth Day »

To discover: WeDontHaveTime.org (Timing after 54:45 min)

First test after the lock down time in France: 330km in 2 days around Chartres. Sun performance was max => We are confident for the long trip.

We are sorry for the bad translation in this blog … The original is in english

DAY 51

Many thanks to all of you: friends, family, colleagues and some amazing anonymous sending friendly supportive messages.

Some positive impacts of this Blue Bike Innovation Adventure:

  • L’ENVOL kids dream discovering some difficult daily progress but search of the solutions was effective « keep smiling in the difficulty of the life »
  • The joy of all the people along the road supporting our challenge
  • The numerous discussions about ecology, green trip, surpass oneself challenge, Open heart posture, Design/Do your life, climate change, Energy, kindness, human perspectives, blue economy, …
  • The progress related to the creation of the startup fine tuned by all the data collected (issue/challenge/feedback/solution).
  • The door is opened to all the guys dreaming to discover the world with a basic bike, tent, …

DAY 50

I receive an unbearable sms message saying « my mother left this world due to a violent aortic attack »

I much more than shocked : I am lost

I urgently decide to catch the first flight from Riga to Paris in this complicated Covid context.

This is the end of my Blue Bike Innovation Tour. Fakrou is spontaneously united in this decision.

I have a special think to L’ENVOL kids : I promise to continue to support you by the book « Dépassons Nous !!! » and also to meet you during some workshops as soon as possible …

Last words quotation of the BlueBikeInnovation Tour :

We live with unstability since we are born. We end with drama for us and our beloved. While during the whole life we are surpassing ourselves consciously being aware or not. But definitely we are.

DAY 49

Our lockdown period in this amazing house wood space is the good time for the book. This Blue Bike Innovation Tour is also a mean to consider the trip from different manners.

There is two trips in one:

  • Discovering new landscapes, new cultures, new mindsets and new ways of life
  • Inner journey with yourself : you will find a new feeling of your life. Your freedom helping to build your next step without any pressure from the others. You are in your personal trip only in phase with yourself and you are able to put in place your new way of life including or not the possibility to « Disrupt Yourself ».

Out of the box trip: The idea to take a basic bike and to cross the world seems easy to put in place … You just need to take some vacations in order to launch this project. Your main issue is the action to do it … I personally suggest to consider one of the 3 following options:

  • Join a web group of people searching others for a bike trip
  • Try to convince one of your friend to join your road trip
  • Decide to go alone due to the two previous options not possible

You are right now ready to go with the full autonomous case (light single tent 900g + 3 T-shirt + 3 underwear + 1 pant + 1 hot sweat + 1 rain coat …) or only consider the basic bike spare with your hotel option choice. Your feeling of « being out of the society » will probably appear after 5 weeks of riding due to your mindset loosing time reality (the hour of the day and the day of the week) and the physical pedaling effort regulation facilitating your floating spirit.
I don’t recommend to lesson the biker experts which are to concentrate on the material selections : your minimalist investment is the nice way to progress in your dream.

Our 3D program: Dream – Design – Do it

Quotation of the day : to be balanced you need to continue to pedal else you fall from the bike…

DAY 48

We expect to go in Lettonie and we check on the french Ambassy web site the latest recommendations regarding Covid evolution. We strictly follow the lockdown compliance and we rent near the frontier Ainazi village the most appropriate house for this period of 10 days. We are now in an isolated forest house without any contact (12 km of the nearest food shop and no WiFi). This is the good time to deeply progress on the « Surpass Ourselves !!! » book.

Marek and Marwin : Many thanks to this magic team
Catch from the longline in the morning plaice fishes by Marek
Unlimited Ocean at Rannakodu
Baltic sea view
Baltic sea beach is green without any sand

Our biking capacities will probably decreased for Riga and Vilnius targets …

Quotation of the day : better to learn how to fish and then to eat your fish.

DAY 47

we reach just before Parnu around 8 km after 86 km biking in the rain, in the guest house of Uueda.

we meet Katy the owner who received the price of the best guests house of the year in Estonia.
She is sensitive to buy reused second hand items , making new in working with old or raw wood such as table to serve champaign
Katy is brilliant managing the domain with her husband with passion.

the domain is built in wood with art and sublime touch. a river to fish, sauna jacuzzi, and can accomodate 30 persons and celebrate marriage seminar for more than 90 persons.

and his son Karl Oscar a dynamic young soon 16 years old has an ambition to extend the guests houses

if there is one place to stay near parnu it is here in Uueda guesthouse.

The daughter of the passionated man: this domain is unique in terms of landscapes and Innovations around wood transformation

so proud of her work
welcome to Uueda for passionated people

we arrived at the camping of rannakodu. closed as summer season ended since August 15th. but thanks to Marek an expert fishing with palangre and Marwin his small son already passionated by motorbike and the solar BlueBike.

Marek called for us the owner Karle also a teacher.
Karle come to see us to give one wooden bungalow looking like a Sweden Stuga.
she was really helpful to also propose us a drop back to a shop at 4 km to buy some food.

we are now in warm sleeping conditions.

Quotation of the day : when you do things with passion you do not feel the effort

DAY 46

A great place for future workshops

experiences in the past :

when you discuss/debate with someone whoever. Be sure you are not touching sensitively the person on her/his believes, on any shorcuts, on any lack on proof of evidences and specially arbitrary decisions/actions. you are going to annoy the person for nothing and not fruitful. potentially you can be a pain !
as we called it deaf conversation
to avoid else too much energy waste. this is not ecological by the way !

but if you think the person is more focus for listening rationale arguments checks attempts possibilities you can then engage a better conversation. the outcome would progress all the parties and benefitable.

DAY 45

We exit from Marjamaa, we met workers from Slovakia in the solar panels for houses. it is a medium village size before Parnu city.
we got our dinner in a Estonian « typico » bar. good food and very affordable.

only a small part of the road is in bitumen
birds are welcome
a green roof
green park is everywhere

back to our quotes -:)
notice, the majority of the quotes are to be applied in a context and in an environment and depending on with whom you are dealing ( 1 or several persons ).
any automatic strategy is not suitable for every event. to change in a manual mode the automatic thinking so you pilot yourself your brain -:)

Clarification of the day : To surpass oneself is not an obligation !

you may be tired, fed up with all these orders external and internal telling you to do more and more.
but letting go all the pressures you are putting on you ( notice often you do not know the why ) are also useful.
No pressure else Depression !

It is important to have some pauses/breaks along the day or on your project doing nothing just exploring in the nature for example to reenergize your batteries with sun or green colour landscape, animals, birds or blue water / sky energy -:) and ready again moving to your next challenge important for you.

one advantage to surpass oneself is when you succeed to reach your limits with ethics and good sense you are satisfied and this will increase your self confidence.
Then you will have the envy to act, to learn, and to be open to others.
it is going to help you know better yourself and to be in the well-being status.

a quote to finish the day :

Being in peace with yourself is the beginning step of Who you want to Be and How you want it.

DAY 44

This is the world of silence to sleep in the wood chalet house between a lake and a field of blueberry.
The road to the estonian country passthrough continental forests and private gardens with different types of house architectures expressing Russian touch. The traditional house is composed of wood with wool layer between the two sides.

A big space only for us !!!

I push a lot the pedals of the mechanical bike but the frontal wind is too strong and my energy is at the west level in few hours when a nice blond woman passes me by bike with an amazing numbers of luggages … My motivation is at the top level in few seconds : Many thanks to this graceful girl !!!

Some landscape in the campaign
Bar is open
many different architectures
An estonian movie maker blocks the road … We expect to see it in France

To compensate the long text a bit too much on the profit equations
a gift for you -:)

The song of the day :

J’aurais voulu être un artiste…

DAY 43

Beautiful camping garden in Tallin where we stayed

we quit the camping garden very beautiful with lovely flowers and close to the city center going towards next Baltic country Lettonie.
it will probably take us about 6 days to reach Riga the capitale.
on the road from Tallin we found Pro shop bike with Alan the mechanical man where we repair the speeds of the mechanical bike as I felt. and also found the break support for the disk as the one initial is wider and was touching the tyre engine of the BlueBike on bumpy road.
we are now safe with 2 breaks operational. only spokes changing tasks when we will break. this is manageable easily.

The day is just starting -;)
at 10 km of Tallin we had a big crack breaking the T frame supporting the 2 front tyres. chocked and desperate… this part of the engine is normally the strongest part in our trike and we are much more than estonished by the to this big issue. My first think is « Blue Bike Innovation Tour is at the end of the story if we don’t want to wait for a new spare part from our supplier in USA … »

luckily we found Laura on the corner going for jogging. I helled her she is really helpful, nice and supportive called a mechanical garage. closed until monday unfortunately. I asked her to request the neighbours in Estonian langage to park our bike in their garden as broken.
the family Tarmo, his father and his nice wife Ànnika and the brother Tiit a general manager expert in wood business are exceptional, marvellous, formidable, generous !
Tarmo called his colleague Viktor a fantastic russian expert. Tarmo put our BlueBike on the trailer with the van. we went quickly as is was Saturday closing time, all together with Tarmo and Tiit to the north of Tallin near airport. Victor the technical man did an extraordinary incredible fix of the broken structure in less than one hour.

Laura helping us during this nightmare issue
the frame totally broken … Normally the strongest part …
Our Angel able to understand an to solve the issue at the same time : this Guy is Unique !!!
Many Many THANKS !!!
This family kindness has no limit !!!
You are GREAT : Thanks for all

we went back to Tarmo’s home. Surprise : Ànnika prepared for us crepes , hot coffee, sandwiches, tasty delicious jam apple with cinnamon parfum prepared by her mother.
And she offered to us not one but 2 pots of jam.
indeed deep warm thanks to Tarmo and his family !
we sense the best feelings of Humans touching our hearts 💓
difficult to express the inner flow of the thoughts

The fork metal.broken
surprise from Ànnika

it is one of our unique magic day !

I would say we are lucky guys and surely the stars are shining in the sky for us thanks to the kind thoughts of our families, friends, colleagues and the sponsors and of course l’Envol team and the children !

we are now again on the road by 4h30 pm, it is raining a lot. cold slashing breethes. we look this time for several hotels B&B. near Saku village but nothing available. finally we decide to look for a camping almost sunset and windy by 7h30 pm. when we arrive to the so called camping. it was closed since 3 years. -:(

Ha Ha again lucky we are to meet Marco an Estonian genius guy with his kid at that closed camping. Marco offered us to stay in a warm small cabanon there like a Stuga in pine wood he built himself and having Sauna inside. Marco very too cool and big heart. he went back after going to Saku with his car. brings back for us water, hot coffees and cookies.
make the fire for the chemny for us.
this is an extraordinary day totally unexpected one.

Our new house in a paradise after the nightmare : lake, blueberry, sauna inside and warm of the fire
Finally … Relax

quote of the life :

« contrary to Freedom, true Love is unconditional »

myself -:)

DAY 42

My first think of the day is about September 11th victims in USA …

How to continue to live when you are impacted by this drama ? You will probably have all the most relevant answers based on the different and unique cases … Trying to find something and or someone supporting this impossible situation … We are not built with the same personal resources and there is no formated solutions for each unique human. I only believe in the time helping to focus our life on new projects in order to avoid depression.

My motto: Human First !!!

Let’s go in Estonia and discover some amazing guys who are ready to support us during our Blue Bike Innovation Tour.

Telecom Tower 314m with an amazing 360 view

Equations of the day :

How Leadership ( which vision, values and principles ? ) ( not about basic management doing the right execution plan of the What/How ) can be compatible with the short terms objectives from shareholders for a better sustainable world and respecting dignity of Humans and the Blue planet ?
Today the competition is not fair. it is becoming a « hunger » game reaching barbarian behaviours with cynism and self ego centric objectives and abuse using soft and/or hard power !

The game of the trade is not fair with the dumping everywhere anytime to reduce costs at any cost and the equation (1) today is not including all the positive/negative impacting factors.

to simplify :

(1) : All Revenues – All Costs = Net Profit

in the left part of the equation it needs new international standards to include the positive and the negative factors on the planet eco-systems. Else the net profit is not fully complete. it hides the social & biodiversity impacts and will destabilise our democracies and going back to old extremists models/solutions of the past if we continue as is. this today model is aggressive whatever the justifications.

and this is regardless of the actual and future climate change not good at all with huge consequences as studied and shared by the IPCC ( GIEC ) organisation gathering 195 countries and more than 3000 scientists.

the accountancy norms locally first and at international level IFRS ( better ) need to include and change the equation (1) to equation (2) below :

equation (2) : All revenues + positive factors – All Costs – negative factors = new Net profit

these factors are state subsidies incentives for doing good or charges to contribute for doing worse if not less bad spoiling by all types of pollutions and doing aggressive competition and potentially unfair business.

in equation (1) the decisions makers public or private are only focus ( paied and missionned for that purposes. you cannot expect more… ) to increase revenues when easy and/or simultaneously decrease the costs so the right part of the equation becomes positive and generates profit /margin instead of loss.

in equation (2) the focus is inclusive for the criterias agreed fairly to protect humans and the Blue Planet !

this needs courage and awareness and finally actions according to your means ( budget ! ) to boycott being engaged towards individuals, societies, organisations, companies and the countries when they are not compliant.

Else I am afraid the new world model to invent will not emerge rapidly…
but I am confident it will come just only matter of time ( it is more than few generations these transformations not corresponding to a human lifespan ) and huge impacts in the World !!!

« We don’t have the time to wait !!! » as Ingmar Rentzhog expressed firmly

DAY 41

Welcome to Tallin which is the main financial, industrial and cultural centre of Estonia. It has close historical with Stockholm, Saint Petersburg and Helsinki. From the 13th century until the first half of the 20th century Tallinn was known in most of the world by its historical German name Reval.
Tallinn has the highest number of start-ups per person among European countries and is a birthplace of many international high technology companies. The biggest space for startupers is near the airport which is connected to the city center by a fast tramway. The people living in Tallin are fluent in english facilitating a lot their relationship to the world and the economic impacts. The attractivity of the country is also based on the low cost of the commodity expenses.

Tallin old place

quote of the day :

“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.”
—Dalai Lama

it means for me Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.
Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. it will help you to take better decision. Except if you are on survival mode now.tensions urgency can be difficult to control

DAY 40

Happy to be at 40 % progress.
time is going fast ! we hope the children of l’Envol are enjoying the images, the videos of our journey.

we will try to think how we can improve the content to make it more funny -:) for the remaining days.

Stockholm is a paradise for sailers
Boat is the best mean to go at work
Art is life
L’ENVOL kids are welcome

On the sea now in the Ship Victoria 1 towards Talllin capitale of Estonia transiting Baltic States to go down through all the southern East European countries as initially planned.

We discussed late long in the night with Oskar nice smart and very dynamic Estonian young.He spent many years in Paris, did all his graduate studies at Sorbonne (Jussieu) university, expert in Redhat / Linux software and for IT graphics projects including gaming.
last but not least a bike lover and expert ! he personally uses a cargo bike.

This is magic to meet Oskar !!! A great Guy sharing his inspiring life during the long way to Tallin.
Very impressive slalom with this giant ferry

Joke ok the day :

It was about a mathematician, a philosopher and an idiot.

unfortunately in a an accident all three died and met Satan who proposed them a deal.

Satan :
– Ask me any question. if I succeed to answer, you go in the hell else you go to the paradise.

The mathematicien starts asking for the most complex equation of the world. Satan solved it.

The philosopher asked for the full Biography of Pascal. Satan solved it.

Then coming to the Idiot, he took a chair . he did seven holes aligned above. he sat. and he farted with big effort and noise -:)
and suddenly he asked from which hole the Gaz went out ?

Satan thought and told him ;

– By the third hole from the right…

The answer was wrong and the idiot went to the paradise !

So I let you guess which hole ?

hint: when you get or receive an info, take the time to check the SOURCE for the content, the author, the objectivity, the basement/scope/ context and if any assumptions in the analysis provided.

DAY 39

We meet our Nokia colleague Peters Wennerstrom in Stockholm due to Nokia office closed and we appreciate a lot his personal support regarding our spokes issue: We have right now some spares to continue our trip. Peters said to check the latest news concerning Finland covid recommendations : we don’t expect to lockdown for 14 days in order to visit Nokia headquarter …

We finally discover this nice city by boat and walk: this is amazing in terms of landscapes and lovely areas.

Stockholm complexity map
the place to live: an amazing marina
always panoramic

Tip of the day :
when you build a to do list, you may feel guilty to not succeed completing all the tasks at closing business time because you can overload your agenda as average western citizen may do for probably performance reasons or feeling useful and justify your return and/or to be important with the famous Ego playing with you. you may get frustrated.

remember you have only 24 hours a day. be satisfied if you can do half of what you listed.

I think Chateaubriand said put the bar enough high to pass under the bar -:)

same when you want to surpass yourself, acknowledge and celebrate when you just progress on your way you traced, this will increase your confidence and your self esteem that you can make it sooner or later what you want to reach.
it is a way to start by small steps else procrastination is waiting for you if not smart objectives.

it is key to be cool and to be kind with yourself first !

a triple mast at the entry of the port

DAY 38

This is our first night in a traditional wood swedish caban Stuga in front of the sea. The Stuga represents the swedish communion in the forest with a lake in front of you.

Our Stuga fully autonomous with new mobility facilities …
Water is everywhere
Suburb of Stockholm is cool
Goran welcome from his famous B&B

We are below Soderlaje close to 50 km of Stockholm in the camping Farstanas. first time we used a Stuga the small wooden house well enough equipped in red colour 6 m2. it was warm this night compared to outside in the tents.

We think to reach the capitale today afternoon if everything fine =:)
it took us 9 days to reach from Goteborg.

By evening we visited the main among many others districts of the city from central station. a mix of modern and old buildings harmonious and not too dense. a lot of Islands and bridges looking like as the ones in the river Seine in Paris.

We find Alf Göran a great host at Stockholm Best Residence B&B with a parking 9 mn with frequent train to the city center.
Göran is very nice and helpful. the appartment is fully equipped, clean and large.

This is the place for Fakrou Happy Birthday in Stockholm

Today I will share a story. sorry for the children of l’Envol. one word is not politically correct.and not a happy end as in Walt Disney stories…

The story of the day :

It was a priest a Sunday of winter going through the forest to his church.
he found a bird injured and bleeding.
he cannot take it with him due to its white clothes
Hence he found a horse shit very warm and put into it to relieve the pain.
after few hours, the bird recovering a bit start to shout crying and cannot exit.
this gets the attention of an eagle flying around. you know the end.
the bird was eaten.

the morale is : it is not the one always who puts you in a deep shit, wants to harm you.
the other side of this end is when you are in a deep shit, do not cry else your voice will attract the raptor eagle. Be careful, the dangerous is not only the dominant but on top the one who feels superior to anyone.
ESCAPE GO AWAY, do not try to negotiate even if you think you are smarter !

I hope you have not met this type of eagle in your life.
anyway if the case they you know how to identify them and it will help to be ready and be prepared for next shake !

at the opposite, it is not the one, always who gets out you from a deep shit, wants to help you. the raptor is around -:(

DAY 37

This an amazing camping night in Strandstuviken Bay which is the most important areas for migrating birds.Many birds pause here to eat , rest and feed their young during their spring and autumn migrations. Around 250 différent species are observed.
This panoramic landscape is the best place for meditation, inspiration, energy booster, Dreams or writting a Book such as  » Dépassons Nous !!! »

a new TV channel …
this is the sea

I met at the camping David a nice German citizen on vacation.interested in our project and the solar BlueBike !

With David !
For the children of L’Envol

DAY 36

Our camping is composed of swedish families and a group of people from a well known association helping autisms. Sweden is particularly in advanced regarding social protection and care services: this is the referent country facilitating the daily life of numerous people. Our difference is adding value to all of us. The power of the group is in the addition of our different profiles: I expect to promote this key attitude for the evolution of our societies in order to transform our ego-system in eco-system. Many thanks to Theory U from MIT pushing this high impact goal.

Ready to Go with L’ENVOL
A military Space with incredible copters : 2 rotors
I am obliged to stop when this type of panel asked me to pursue my first passion …
To pedal or to surf is the question ?
Surf is life the rest is details
Nokoping city : the place for gaming

Moving to Niköping. sunny day again. Passing Norrkoping near river Motala it is part of the 5 biggest cities and also a lot of farms. arrived to the Strandstuviken camping early around 5pm located also near a lake and natural birds reserve. Sweden seems to be also a country of lakes. More than half of 73 km were bike lanes, the other part was on the road.
we see big engine tractors kind of monster preparing fields for future production.
we do a lunch picnic break in front of a cimetery a bit scary and peaceful ? but place is calm indeed…
people from 1850 did not have a long life. the progress of 20th century is tremendous for having a better life but what a struggle !!! the 21st one now with the more acceleration of changes and new type of problems (global and interconnected) is going to require new solutions to invent. As Einstein said : you cannot solve problem created with old solutions.

(by the way the Covid 19 is just part of the acceleration at any ecological cost of the model of our societies)

Suggestion of the day : Handle or treat only issue you can solve by yourself.

So not to stress, important to say No ! to anyone trying to abuse of your kindness by different classical means of manipulations…
Do not feel guilty else over productivity energy consumption absorbed…and Cortisol waiting for you -:). Take care.

Remember or think about what is important for you first in priority for your life and projects you want to realize, and then if you can support, you can help for others’ needs.

Check also if there is no unconscious injonction ( morale or affection or … ) from other party.

Quote of the day well known -:) :

we must give back to Caesar what is to Caesar

DAY 35

we quit the Mjolby area.
passed through impressive big cities jonkoping ( university and business schools ) and Linkoping ( to pronounce linkshopping ) with famous crowdy central place and the Storgatan street similar to rue Saint Honoré chic in Paris.

a unique experience
California dream

we reached today Norrkoping.
things are quite. we are in the routine phase of biking. weather was sunny specially when 2 days ago passing from koatkulla, very small village I needed to remove my raincoat too hot -:)

Amazing Poneys only 80 cm

Quote of the day : when becoming nervous for any reason, if you do not have non violent reply or action spontaneously, then Silence is gold !
try you will not regret it…

sunny day today
Entry in Grenna city holidays location for Swedish peope
The big Swedish vache à lait expression not to abuse

DAY 34

French dogs are welcome !!!
An Amazing green house on 3 levels with grasses inside. More détails on https://g.co/kgs/eohchX
Ready to Bike !!!

Exit from Getingaryd camping located in front of big lake. the sunset is exceptional. met nice German family Yoerg , karen, Pia and Paula on holidays from Karlsruhe interested in the Solar BlueBike.

we are on the road heading to linkoping. paused at Odeshog bourg in the cafe Lovisa with wifi enfin to update our journey.

we look for a camping found in Mjolby. it was closed as vacations ended. we succeeded to enter the bluebike through the narrow gate.
we took our frugal dinner bread and cheese and almonds.

the lake inside where few people swimming this cold evening into it very courageous!

Still heading to Stockholm biking in rain and singing -:)

We hope to meet Peter our CSO of Sweden with a surprise box waiting for us -:)

Quote of the day :  » Human kind is naturally good, …the society corrupt and pervert them  » From Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

DAY 33

on the road towards Linkoping, we paused for a lunch after Gissebo in Rudu with Swedish food excellent at rudenstams gardsbutik where we tasted a smoked salmon with different vegetables and Swedish breads and sauces. this is the land for apple trees . the fresh juice was extra!!

we pass through the Grenna city , an holiday location.
we arrive at the camping of Getingaryds where we could also wash and dry our few clothes they are not smelling good. -:(.
you feel as an « angel » -:) when clean and smelling good.

Question of the day : what and how do you intend to mark your positive footprint for the world ?

The forest is everywhere with an amazing ecosystem due to the high humidity rate facilitating the development of green plants. The swedish initiative to re- build their forest by using permaculture model seems a high ecological impact: different type of trees are considered such as in the natural forest mixing pines, firs, birch trees larches … We probably need to develop these practices in all our countries and more specifically in the areas with concentrated people. The awareness of our human carbon impact on this Blue Planet is the first step in the process (it’s a very long process due to the complexity of this topic and the dependencies of different sciences including many courses to learn such as Jean Marc Jancovici online courses from Mines …) and we can personally, collectively (community, enterprise, friends …) and also politically push for concrete actions. Many actors are opened for new members : we just need to select our most representative following our individual values and our feeling and respecting our individual mindset.

We are personally engaged with La Fresque du Climat, WeDontHaveTime.org et DrawDown project in order to act and to be in phase with our projects.

Tetrapak and Ikea are the two biggest companies in Sweden. Ikea is defined as the swedish enterprise reflecting the country mindset in terms of values shared. I will probably catch some energies from Swedish culture during our next shopping in France … I will also expect to analyze Ikea + Tetrapak carbon footprint from end to end perspectives during my consultant certificate in November. I will add some recommendations regarding their circular economy business models.

who is the giant ?
The green color is true !!!
Luminosity is top for pictures and our Solar panels
Life is Good in the nature

DAY 32

reaching Axamo camping also a place for sport jogging for Swedish people

experience of past : when I was around 40 years old, I had an intuition there is something wrong in the human design -:) -:).
well at least for me this is true when I went through living those urges before now and potentially i fear in the future to get adapted disruptively if really needed…

and the neuro scientist Sebastien Bohler confirmed with 5 urges pulsions which are let’s simplify ( hunger, sexual-reproduction/ Ego statut power/ confort leisure less effort holidays / to get data info to seize opportunities.

We are secreting the Dopamine with a software in our brain which is making us happy instantly for a tiny moment for the success we get but sometimes with big collateral effect on humans.
You can notice all the troubles everywhere inside and outside countries, between countries and last but not least inside oneself !!!

the other side where transformation of societies regarding respect of biodiversity, climate changes altruism giftivism, circular economy, ecology concerns take time knowing we don’t
have the time !. Any forcing, making guilty people and speed will create all the mess, the anxiety, the demonstrations we see.
« Expose not to impose » as quoted by Gunter Pauli who describes the Blue Economy.
this other angle kind of blind spot is clearly explained by Edgar Clare Graves a friend of Maslow by the dynamic spirale model the level reached by an individual, by any society and a country since millenary.
Graves challenged him. he did 30 years of research in US New York University with his students on what is a mature adult. Maslow model is static with one degree. Graves introduced a second degree with I and Us.
Mandela was inspired and used the dynamic spirale theory applicable to oneself and society.

Thus education and practices are the key fundamentals to increase awareness and implementation at the end

targeting well being of people.
you can adopt definitely only if you experienced any model yourself and got satisfaction

The change (unbuild and rebuild) is to educate the brain for getting Dopamine not for doing less bad but doing for good.

the Power of woman
some great places
Sauna is closed due to Corona
Waiting the snow for L’ENVOL kids !!!

DAY 31

On the road still heading to Stockholm. we arrived at Prangens camping nice one in front of the lake.
the Stuga red natural pigment in wooden house are common and look like to non mobile home.

feelings of the day : the typical trip day it is just biking not more not less and sensing the green of the trees and the smell of oaks, the leaves, the grass, the humidity, the animals, the lakes, the mountains, nice landscapes and beautiful houses.
the golden color of wheat is fantastic.
the breeze of the wind swipping the ears the cheeks give you when accelerating on the slopes ( after effort to climb hardly ) as if you are flying like a bird.
once it happens to me to be « on » the sky and I felt down from the mechanical bike !
Sure we had also rain all the day biking 70 km, this is hard …

at this moment when biking your spirit is in the blue sky surfing around thinking of anything and nothing ! . strange, that’s it.

I think specially to my beloved ones. I miss them also with their habits, their smiles, their eyes and their way of being and probably I guess in their zone of comfort -:) compared to me -;)
one thing I cannot rewind remind is their voice bizarre ?

after 70 km the muscles start to cry…

Our Solar Bike flag
A Big kiss to L’ENVOL kids !!!
Fakrou expertise in Parrot drone …
How to become owner of this skying space ?
Lakes are everywhere

DAY 30

We are ready to bike in Sweden : the weather is Sunny at 10 am and we have some good feeling for this happy new day. The positive attitude is probably a great mean to progress in the life. Biking is so good for the health : you can easily adapt your style/tempo following your mindset and your physical performance. We cannot write everyday the text for the Book but we are able to take some relevant notes for this key focus.

Swedish homes propose different options in terms of ownership of the properties (buy, rent or only ownership of the house but not the garden). They also offer additionnal services such as external spaces for parties and some co-sharing rooms in order to receive some friends: the famous collaborative mindset and the pragmatic life.

Number one for skying …
Swedish kids supporting LENVOL
A paradise for nice pictures
Surprising …

This is our 30% progress of our journey camping in the ski area of Hindas village heading tomorrow toward Bohras city targeting Stockholm. we paused for a snack in Landvetter.
we met Songkram a Thailand tourist interested to get this type of bike in his country.

we get this evening fortunately a petrol station to finding some food.

The landscape, nature, colors are just fantastic magic in Sweden. life is really well balanced for people living peacefully no tension ! from a « tourist » perception like me.

quote of the day : the progress has no sense if we have still in this world children in a miserable living conditions who are supposed to rule and live in this blueplanet to live their dream.

DAY 29
The ferry is an amazing building of 11 floors. The night was much more than relax : no noise, no waves, no stress. We love the logo of the ferry saying « Connecting People for Sustainable Future » even if this monster of the sea is not an example of ecology …

Green Sweden is a reality in Goteborg: design, green and well being
The traditionnal life in Sweden : not easy to fire wet wood

I have great opportunity and chance to meet in Goteborg a compatriot from Kenya a great and. nice family settled since 20 years in Goteborg living amazingly with 4 generations support and invited for a Swedish delicious dinner a tour of a famous lake in Prätsgen and a first fire wood we did in the night. The Fire for the live like power of love and Not love of power.

Abudlhussain and Rachida also made a real Indian tchai that Patrick tasted twice -:).

With Abdulhussein now also interested to bike -:)

DAY 28

This is the first night without raining weather even we were refused and not welcome in the camping (first case during the trip !). We are ready to discover this cost area near to Kiel. It seems a nice beach Moltenort village with a panoramic point of view on the sea and his gulf. The people catch the last family time for vacations. We find a friendly cafe including a Wifi connection in order to publish some good news in our blog missing two days of humoristic feedback.

Ready to Go in Sweden with this Amazing 11 floors building
Sweden focus

Celebration of our 2000 km in 28 days !!! and 800 km with our Corona Pegasus friend : our strategy works for the time being ( tyres + rays + biking on the floor full of eggs …)

We fine tune the next steps from Goteborg Sweden by boat in order to be in phase with our initial calendar and to avoid the cold North climate coming … We are upset not able to meet our key partner in Norway but we are fully confident for our future relationships.We are so glad to join Sweden in 15 hours with an impressive ferry.

at 6 o’clock in the morning the Crow

this image I took on the beach reminds me the famous fable from the crow and the fox – Jean de La Fontaine. a gift for the children of l’Envol to learn by heart -:)

quote of the day :

« Flatterers thrive on fools’ credulity ».

in french : « Tout flatteur vit aux dépens de celui qui l’écoute »

this context occurs in the professional life and private life.the key point is to understands the intention of the action/behaviour.
The crow was trapped by its Ego ( for the Human this is one of the urge – pulsion which highly impacts oneself and others.)

Transparency is a prerequisite to increase trust ! and if there a disconnect in the speech and the action the result will not be the one expected…

you can turn around the pot thousands times, you will not get the honey ! -:)

DAY 27

Crossing Hamburg center
In front of the sea
Hamburg is a great place mixing nicely homes and industrial districts
No sleeping Time for contaners
Elbe River side
Fakrou company services for bikers
We must use ferry due to tunnels not accepting bikes

We have some difficulties to cross Hamburg due to numerous bridges, divers and Bike Lanes not able to drive our large Solar bike. We always to convert the kilometers indicated by GPS car in distance for Bike (40 to 70% more).

We finally arrive in the port on Stena lines pier ferry. all destinations closed from Kiel except Gothenburg Sweden. Norway is closed for 4 weeks which is our first step. so we also think about inverse loop from Berlin heading to Tallin Estonia. But this a long trip with 70/80 km a day…
we will try so for this target

Norway has closed Ferry boats for 4 weeks …

Sharing Experience of past This is funny way I called white magic – witchcraft- a bit hard to understand for a Cartesian spirit -:) -;)

When you want to get something.
there are 7 steps which can lead to a good probability of success. sure need to accept and swallow your loss as well

I ensure you There is no connection with Vaudou or cure or exorcism.

This is a positive adaptation.

1) Observe well the person(s) and the environment suitable for your request. Be patient before acting.

2) Feel yourself regarding your issue with what are your internal fears to check their welcome and make them pause and adress internally the worst case scenario solution if you can !

3) Check if the person is available to listen to you and the way you perceive its feeling
Smile ! life is good in principle whatever up and down of the life.

4) Express your needs clearly with positive question and in a non violent mode request

5) Explain why it is important for you.

6) if negative answer you get, try propose an option being flexible and which does not harm the person.

7) Whatever the final outcome positive or negative. say MERCI !
this is opening a new fresh defense or attack plan -:)

DAY 26

Good time for smoking ?
Industrial Art exists
The transport of commercial products is made by different machines : railway, boat, truck, plan
Hamburg industrial area is a major place for production.

we get a good support from
Bernd a biker near Hamburg to inform us to take the right ferry N°64 to cross the river in direction to pinneberg. He comes with us till the intersection to his path go home near ferry docks.
It was a quick shortcut rather going through city center of Hamburg with dense car traffic and noisy not easy to drive a long 3.2 m bluebike.

too tired after crossin river. we are now looking for a close camping which the Elbe camping located along Elbe river. it is a holiday beach area for the people around.
the camping is on the beach. not practical with sands for the tents and the bikes.

We met a gujrati cook in the restaurant bistro bar of the camping speaking my langage. It is funny. He served me curry lentils with salad and basmati rice, long time I have not tasted since our departure -:)
I missed it…

quote of the day :  » Never give up « 

few warnings about the practical implementation :

to reach your objective is to understand the thinking referential of the person(s) you deal with.

accept the rejection or negative answers on your path

try all alternatives with our motto Be Think Act differently.

take care not to destroy yourself or the others

be honest and sincere and as much as transparent according to cultural concerns of people so to give trust.

Last phase if you are still blocked is to Act disruptively but you may pay cash this behaviour sooner or later for this if your objective is crucial imperative but again only important thing to care is avoid negative impacts on others.

DAY 25 :

Biking 74km in the rain all the day, we noticed letting enter the cold and not resisting, channelled my energy warming the brain the heart amazingly. try it -:)

Sunny Time is so good for our skin !!! There is a Brittany sentence saying « Raining is only concerning … people « 

we reach the Tostedt camping close to this Bourg. it was nicely furnished with our first coffee with filter -:) and in a saloon warmly equipped specially our tent externally are wet due to strong flow of rains
we eat our first Chinese packed noodles as there is a boiler also in this refuge.

Our tipico camping offers a nice Space for chinese noddles lovers

Lucias and Thibaut cutting and cleaning bike lanes ! they look smart and happy

We quit the camping heading to Neumunster

Our new Passion is to drive our bikes in order to crush the acorns of the oak tree. The noisy « Pock » is so good for our mental health. We plan to create a PHD program for green sustainable perspectives.

DAY 24 :

We early go to the shop specialized in Moped customisation and we find an old friendly man such as Jam in Nederland. Alfred Koenig is the expert in Landweg. It’s always amazing to see the Sunny eyes of these passionated guys: Alfred is immediately ready to postpone his current activities in order to help us to solve our rays issue. He removes the break part by a new part of Iron consolidated: We will continue to believe in our lucky stars …

Alfred is so nice to help us for the long road in Europe North

We continue the road to Rotenburg in order to join Hamburg area on tomorrow. Our 70 km are finally done with a strong and cold raining weather but we are motivated keeping in mind « Surpass Oneself » for kids at L’ENVOL and the people searching some new projects of life.

our Bike road is in the forest of Low Saxe
This is the chicken egg story … On the road again

Coming back to a very serious topic : Some words of our volontary coaching actions in 60000Rebonds !!!
We are so proud to put 60000Rebonds logo on our flag sponsorship.
We have integrated this great association much more than one year ago and we are always enjoyed with all the impressive team of professionnals dedicated to entrepreneurs searching assistance and coaching support in order to manage a new way of life.
Our coach mission is fully aligned with our common values. The humility of this great organization is in the core of the mentality and it seems to be the nicest mean to progress in our respective life. Nobody has all the competences to success in this complex word : the agility is a pillar of this complexity. Our society is always asking new learning attitudes and new capabilities only accessible by collaborative maners. We particularly believe in one of our favorite motto « 1+1=11 » … Your knowledge has no value if you are not able to share it : Open Innovation is founded on this model and this is what we put in place 3 years ago for this project.
60000Rebonds is the place for sharing best practices in a pure mindset of kindness. Many thanks to Amine, Christine and Jean Marc for their daily support in this unique association.


Quote of the day :  » The solidarity is born from suffering and not from hapiness. One feels closer to someone who experienced a painful moment rather than someone with whom you enjoyed a happy moment « . From Bernard Werber

A funny frog looking car
My favourite animal after the cat

DAY 23 :

We are in a typical traditional Dutch in Jens camping this weekend due to meeting in Langwedel on Monday morning.

the special knipp meal recipe we tasted in Lower Saxon home made is excellent.

This is a nice place for Dutch family coming for the weekend for fishing,swimming in the river Weser Hagen grinder and the canals, biking, taking good time for picnic and barbecues, walking. driving motor boats.

The place to dream your New way of life

This is the corner stone for fruits apple pear quetsch red bay fruits.

There are lot of farmers for cows horses goats chickens.

the landscape is well inspiring for artists painters and with panoramic views.

it is a mean for us to redecover walking in the nature on the grass.

There is small boat passing the river during the weekend but it was not suitable for our BlueBike.

this is a good time to reload our physical battery.

we received breaking news from Europ about Corona virus, the context is becoming complex for us.
we intend to go to Kiel Germany Baltic port. our goal is to meet and try to be on time in Oslo Norway key partners.

Always a Big support from this L’ENVOL genius team !!!

Quote of the day : « A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush »

The heron from Jean de la Fontaine « We risk to loose willing to earn too much »

This heron looking to its face and waiting for a better meal ….

DAY 22

we quit the stellar camping near Bremen. it was a bit noisy as near highway place is also an area of leisure
on the road looking for a camping near Achim /Baden we met a formidable couple Gesina and Wolfgang supporting us. as we had a big deviation due to work road, the bridge for bike could not let us make a U turn as 3.2 m long the BlueBike.

they did biking 20 km with us to drop to the camping of Drosselhof Campingplatz close to Langwedel .

they are great sportive bikers

we stay to go to special shop recommended by Wolfgang as it seems there is a genius guy Alfred Konig in Langwedel who can potentially adapt or refurbish our front tyres.

and we take the opportunity to spend the weekend in the nature with cows horses birds and the big river walking this time as soft mobility as well differently

one chapter below.

here below we share why it is important to adopt a new mobility way of transport to commute going to workplace.
This is an extract from the document UN PLAN MOBILITÉ ENTREPRISE done by the Réseau Action Climat France, CCI France and
ADEME Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie.

The 3 benefits expected :

1.Reinforce Enterprise competitivity

moreover to contribute to protect Environment, the mobility using specially bikes and public/collective transports reduce pollution.

For the enterprises it enables to streamline the expenses, improve employees quality of life and increase the attractivity internal and external of talent workers to these companies.

2.To preserve our health

The transport by roads are issuing thin particles ( Particulate Matter ) of 2.5 and 10 micrometer.they enter deeply in our breething system.
this implies bronchitis, asthma, cancers, brain attack, infarctus and placenta problems. main others pollutions are dioxyde azote (NO2), ozone (O3) and others composites organical Aerosols which comes from uncomplete burning combustion of hydrocarbon.

The transport by roads are also responsible of noise pollution. 25 millions personnes in France affected including 9 millions severely .
few figures on pollution :

48 000 prematured death.
68 to 97 billions Euros health system part of expenses.
and reduction of 15 months life duration Lost at 30 year age old.

3.protect and tackle for the climate change.

dependant on fossile energy transport
represent 28.9% (Ademe 2017) of Green House Gaz émissions (Gaz à effet de serre (GES) in France and one third of energy demand. First source of GHG emission to change climate. The road traffic alone weights for 95%. of emission. solutions for alternative mobility are key topic for employers for persons and materials. 69% of home to work trip are done by car in average.
bicycle is only 1,9% in Ile de France.

next time we will share some key points related to La Fresque du Climat an exceptional association focus on climate change built IPCC scientifical data (GIEC)

some books well protected against raining time
We have some stock to consume …
the architectures seem unique but not the colors
what do you prefer German style or Nederland ?
Gesina and Wolfgang always helping us for a long road: so strong bikers

Quote of the day : think without acting, rather acting without thinking

Journal de Jacques, comte de Bourbon-Busset

DAY 21

A beautiful Day … U2

The begining of this raining day is particularly kindness: we look for an urgent raining coat and we meet Sabina interested in our project story: Sabina seems glad to meet french people (she worked in Lausanne Switzerland …). She is definetely our angel of the day « her deep Blue eyes are so fascinating ». She calls all her network in order to help us regarding our rays issue.

A great time with bellissima Sabina helping us to find some bike shop experts

We follow a long road to Bremen city with many wind machines due to a powerful wind climate.

Our Maps.me GPS does many loop mistakes with recalculating mode and we finally Bike 81 km

a technical solution or an Art story ?
My name is Eol

DAY 20 :

This is our 20% progress. we celebrate in the camping of Zur Embruscke.

As noticed the Solar BlueBike is often a  curiosity…

We discover a great New Hôtel Camping concept. This is a 3 stars hôtel in a nice Park offering camping space for adventurer guys : we have discovered some fine deutch plates with a sympatic staf service.

The early weak up is quick with a light black coffee and our marmelades bought during the road : We are ready to Bike with a raining weather and some new broken rays … Our mental is still Iron men !!!

Our goal is to cover 70 – 80 km in a day. The long Bike lane following Oldenburg is particularly linear and monotonous. The two bikes are also a new mean to feel the trip in terms of personal sensations : our individual mindset is floating on the road mixing images, sounds, wind, thinks and positive energy. 
the other mechanic bike has no issue up to now -:)
We finally find an amazing  seminar house with a Big lake offering silent meditation to people searching a deep break life : we are right now ZEN including vegan food. This place is much more than unique … a great place for future workshops covering WeBoostYourProject offer.
Harald the owner is speaking very good french and know well Paris region !

Let’s go in Germany north
Zen méditation center
A great place in front of the big private lake
Assya will appreciate this place for Yoga lockdown
our posture on the bike

The wife of the owner said  » My Covid lockdown was not difficult in this environment ».
Covid effects seem always the same in the different countries … simplify my life, enjoy with less materials, human first, find an harmony in my daily life, more respect with the nature, …

The staff  are  kind and attentionned.


This is the model I like for one euro you give the maximum if you can and  not the minimum to increase customers loyalty being ambassadors as well and you decrease your marketing cost.
and if you charge more for better profit in the today model in case your are dominant in your sector private or public  then it is important to reinvest in the social part of the economy. else difficult to understand the true why and what and who …

Today we are happy to promote with pinked heart  our association l’Envol

a kind request and reminder,
if you have forgotten, and if you can donate directly to l’Envol for the hope dreams and better life for the children in hospitals and  supporting their families in 45 hospitals of Paris Ile de France you are welcome to participate through the below link.



L’ENVOL offers exceptional free holidays camps for children affected by serious illness
so they can make the most of their childhood and get ready for the next step of their lives

Thank you again !!!
no quote of the day today :
a song I love :

DAY 19

our motto : an issue is always remove by a New one. This is what we call LIFE .

We expect to solve our issue with the Moped tyres but the rays continue to break … Anyway our option 6 to have 2 separate bikers is reducing our trubles and this is fun to prove ourself our physical capacities to pedal 70km per day without electric assistance.

We leave a unique experience: a bus driver has stopped his bus in order to congratulate us for our Solar Bike … Amazing and Funny Time !!!

We meet Aly and Hubert facilitating our search for Bike shops. Aly is so proud to Wear a nice t-shirt from Paris saying Bonjour.

We are well engaged on the road to Germany and we finally passthrough the frontier at 4 pm in Ter Apel.

We celebrate our first nice camping in Germany Lathen: We are much more than Welcome

Never Give Up !!!
Fully confident about payment
you can buy many thanks on the road: you just need to put some euros in a box … Safe country
Like in our Brittany campaign : many Chaumières
some peaceful landscape
this is Time for Blue bay fruits tasting
Life is so cool for cats living in the campaign

DAY 18

We expect to take the road early in the morning but the tents are totally wet due to the raining weather during the night: the Sun is our Friend for the Solar bike and also for our well being mindset faciliting the daily physical exercice and the weight lugages.

We have no issue with our sleeping Time : the daily regular exercice (minimum 6 hours) seems the best mean to regenerate our human machine. The neuroscientists said : 21 days is the classical cycle to put in place for a solid routine in human process modification … We will tell you more in the coming days …

The introspective part of this long trip is one of the key elements to manage: Be, Think and Act differently … This is much more than words : this is our personal challenge. The bike trip is a good mean to slowly discover the word by using the small roads and the Heart (human, landscapes and the activities around) of the countries. There is no intention to speed up if we want to deeply observ this accelarating word due to economic pressures from the market productivity always asking more to human/machines/ production/finance … We really expect to put in place a virtuous ecosystem by creating a startup company implementing a circular economy business model in phase with our core values.

Nederland farms use all the most advanced equipments but the intensive model seems a polemic topic
some chicken factories
One of the amazing infrastructures for bikers : bike infra is at the same level than car roads
Highway for bikes including bridges
Convert the horse power to Tesla numbers in Nederland

Quote of the day :  » When you cannot find your peace of mind, it is useless to look for elsewhere « 

François de La Rochefoucauld

DAY 17

Imagine an old man passionated by vintage Moped and living in a small village so far from the stress megapols … we are lucky : We found on the road this specialist on motorbikes Mr. Jam Zoombelt in the village of Oldebroek. The unique tyres Moped were exactly we are looking. Thik and matching the size of the rim although the rim width is not the right one.

JAM passionated by motorbikes
next release is hydrogen …
Love this Garage like a New startup
a strange brand
Kindness and Passion : two qualities shared by JAM

Several days now in front of us heading towards Kiel in Germany expecting to take a ferry either for Danemark or Norwey.
We meet in this camping Terra Nautic after Zwolle city a nice couple Ben accountant and offering interesting consulting services on Carbon footprint. He also build a solar panel to supply the oven for ceramic as Patricia her wife is an expert 5 years graduated ,offering the products and reaching the art of ceramic.

Ben is actively working for Carbon footprint positive impacts

Sharing with Ben the Netherlands pionneering in circular economy for technologue but for the other wing the biologic agriculture as exporting intensively it has an impact on climate change and the biodiversity.

Every evening the storm clean up all the Minds and also the pictural landscape …

some good contrast for camera

Experience of past days : –  when we are stuck we are used to deal with the 5 Why’s in IT unit in a company.
Where it is needed to focus not to loose Time is to go back to the basics to boost your project.
The Why ( the vision in a 5 to 10 years to be ) / the What of you are offering/ the When the timing / the Who. Very important / the Where /and at last the How for execution/implementation

A Great Thanks to L’ENVOL team and all the kids at the hospital which is the core mission of our project: DREAM YOUR LIFE AND DO IT !!!

DAY 16 :

Utrecht architecture
Authentic farm house
one of our favorite farm camping
Dinner during the Big storm in the farm machines space

We are on the road now heading to Zwolle. Sure of course our issues are not fixed but now a tiny bit relax.
Found nice Pegasus Corona bike paths very secured to bike from town to town.
We arrive in the Margaret’s camping farm the less crowdy and very clean ecological called De Spochhoorn near nijkerk putten. A New one year camping Solar power toilets light.
First Time during several hours we are fully washed by the Big storms and flushy rains.
Biking in the morning before the heat along the canals and bike lanes is the great pleasure as flying alone as a bird in the sky –  sure sure
There is a mistery of freedom i do not know to explain.
We discuss with a couple of Netherlands interested in the circular economy concept. In a nutshell what is it ?

A circular economy does not consist to reduce the waste but to design a World where waste is not created at the conception. This economy suggests a model where all the materials go back to thé production system go be reused again.moreover all the biological parts can be reinserted in the biosphere and help to regenerate.
In the circular economy,the principal objective is not « to do less Bad » ; the principal objectif is « to do good » to our eco-systems (William McDonoug,2014).Thus the circular economy enable us to reach not only sustainability but also to regenerate our eco-systems.
Quote of the day : « The civilisation of materialism is an Infinite series of needs that we do not need» Mark Twain.
We are in a deadlock. We need to really Think to zéro growth !. I have not met yet politicians wanting to be elected and proposing living with dignity in the society having a job and without growth. We also reduce our demand on useless services not creating value.
The circular economy is the only answer compatible with the challenges on environment and climate.
No plan B and No Planet B !!!

DAY 15 :
This is one of the funny day of our trip.
We meet first time french compatriots in the camping Pascal and Joelle who kindly generously offer us a french breakfast (grilled toast butter hot coffee ham and bio made pain d’épices from Bourgogne région.
The couple is a great travellers. They have a splendid camping car very comfortable visiting Netherlands
Pascal is an artisan entrepreneur wood transformer in fournitures structure builder in the department of la Nièvre. He adapts all the furnitures regarding the house or flat dimensions.
The couple is sensitive to the « Life is Good » postulat. They are enjoyed to exchange with us and we share a lot of common feelings.

our new friend

Also again this morning in the camping we meet a nice helpful Netherlands couple Jacqueline and Jean Pierre advising to go in Gouda in the referent bike shop where they found exactly specific bike bags.
The couple also experiments camping with bikes first Time.

many thanks to Jacqueline and Jean Pierre

So we go doing a 8 km deviation from our straith road.
We come to the bike shop this Saturday in 12Go biking shop. Surprised The biggest bike shop with repair specialists in whole Netherlands.
René and Django the mechanics accept to tune our tyre balancing and rolling strait despite busy day. and arrange our break Support with the cylinder.
Meanwhile waiting for repair we finally in addition to option 3 ,go for option 6. We buy a standard bike in this Big shop so to releave our Solar BlueBike challenge.

And having our sardines in olive oil conserve with bread snack while waiting the preparation of our new physical bike/friend : his unique name is particularly relevant in the current context « Pegasus Corona «
We thank indeed very much Rene to offer 50% discount to contribute to the effort on our project.
Heading towards Utrecht looking for a camping called Batistein, we were interrupted along the bike canal path by a french lady a biker married with Nederland and a philosopher Frédérique curious (Very focus on our common goals : ecolology, climate change, technologies and human évolution …) with the BlueBike as we are attempting to find the super motor X tyre 20’’ X 2.40 and 20’’ X 2.15 calling those shops for Tuesday next if they have in stock.

A great support from passionated team
12GO Biking

We find a well equipped camping and always the same enthousiastic Welcome from the campers !!!
We wash and dry first time all our dirty and wet humid clothes with an effective machine.
We are ready now to continue releaved not changing too frequently the tyres

Quote of the day :

« Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed. »

Mahatma Gandhi

DAY 14 :
We take the road having the Amsterdam direction but we discover that it is not the optimal road on Corona covid19 context (camping, bike shops,…).we protect ourselves and the netherlands people to avoid crowdy area. We continue to pass through the farms,canals and polders. Always searching beautiful authentic landscapes. We cross many many bridges along the rivers and canals with dédicated bikelines. Netherlands is la Mecque of the bike.biker is the Queen/King here.

boat house

Our option3 test does not seems the best one. We definitely continue this tuning with specialis reachedy on all the screens.
Repairing our ray and tyre, we nicely met a young Netherlands couple Stefan and Lucy, bikers who warmly help us to find the camping of riedgorts in the marina near the canal ,arrange our stay with the owner and interested in our journey.Westmaas is a peaceful bourg of 2000 habitants.
The marina is really a nice place to swim and pass a good moment.

We will not now indicate the number of km travelled as option 3 is meant to do 50/60 km per day securing the bike.

Quot of the day : ” The first principal of non-violent action is that of non-cooperation with everything humiliating.”

Mahatma Gandhi

DAY 13 :
We quit this nice old farm transformed in camping by the urban landowner Christa: very clean safe excellent services.

A postcard picture

We meet a man working in new solar panel for car project. His company is expert in printed Solar cells which are used by the futur Sono car https://sonomotors.com/en/sion/
The main issue concerns the mirror transparency on all the screens.

Repairing our ray and tyre, we nicely met a young Netherlands couple Stefan and Lucy, bikers who warmly help us to find the camping of riedgorts in the marina near the canal ,arrange our stay with the owner and interested in our journey.Westmaas is a peaceful bourg of 2000 habitants.

so great to meet kindness people !!!

The marina is really a nice place to swim and to pass a good moment.

our marina camping is top

Our two days of test regarding the option 3 is meant to do 50/60 km per day securing the bike is engaged … We will deliver some feedback in the coming days

Quote of the day :  » patience is the smile of your soul  » Boudha

DAY 12 :
We prepare our Solar Blue bike in Nokia garage Antwerpen. We expect to put in place the option 3 towards Amsterdam by bike lanes.

We cross during long time the giant Antwerpen port very long more than 10 km. The life in the port is intense with many dockers, international products from all around the world.A lot of trucks and mobiles levies allowing boats to navigate. There is a Big complex interconnections in this intense traffic. Huge number of Big containers, and impressive grues.
This area port is representing the incredible extreme worldwide exchange from basic finished products and items.

We cross many villages and we forget thé indications regarding the frontière due to this bucolic landscape. We are in Nederland with their particular and warmly architecture.

We search a relax camping in the area and our GPS connection is still not optimized …
Smoothly we head towards the camping oudlandshoeve near steenvenbergen.

Great Thanks to L’ENVOL positive messages !!!!

Quote of the day : The différence between IMpatience and patience is the Intermadiate Moment. more You are in Hurry with Quick implémentation less You have Time to Think expexting optimal result.

Basic question : What if You pause the Intermediate Moment to better decide and implement ?

DAY 11:

The night is Always the best adviser to take Key decisions.

We identify all the following options in a paradox condition as we have too much Solar energy :

1) Option 1 to continue the initial pace of 120 km/day. It means finding buying dedicated tyres and changing everyday the 2 front tyres.

2) Option 2 already tested with checking the strongest tyre in the market difficult to find with delivery long date

3) Option 3 divide by 2 the number of km per day and to reduce to the minimum the electric assistance L1 with 140 w of supply. (Knowing we can go up to L12) with L1 we can speed between 9 to 13 km/h with significant physical effort looking for maximum flat roads.

4) Option 4 to replace the 2 front rims not following the specification on the safety regarding the tyres requirements including the rays to change.

5) Option 5 to change the 2 motors engine too heavy with a light one and less powerful.

6) Option 6 take a second standard bike to unload the Blue bike with the same configuration and expecting less changing on tyres.

We finally decide to test option 3 and to try to reach Amsterdam with less stress …

We search the bike shop to propose and fix our issues. Tom from Vélodrome in Antwerp is the one who help us strongly. And we faced the delivery on time issue.

Many people are also reparing bikes in antwerpen…

We take the time to visit Antwerp by walking in order to enrich our positive mindset.

some nice architectures

Quote of the day : The best is the ennemy of the good

So not to stress and being guilty and fear to fail, the approach to optimize without controlling everything and all will let you to be more agile and not stuck with this automatism (driver) to be perfect. Did you notice sometimes they can be painful -:)

DAY 10 :
Early in the morning camping close to the Amazing smart flower Solar system.

Traditional Flowers market is dead … How to offer something to your girl friend ? May be Chocolates 😅 …

A true flower behaviour rising and Sun setting.a big intelligent Electronic flower of 6 m diameter.
It is inspired by the biomimetic of a flower in nature. This flower is in harmony with this abbaye and in charge to feed in energy parts of abbaye.
Our Solar bluebike is an extension of flower static services for New mobility services.
Life is like a flower !
We are much more secured riding on the bike lane in order to protect our last tyre. We expect to solve our issues in antwerp.reached Nokia site on Monday.

Many Bike Lanes in Belgium
Let’s go to Nokia Antwerpen

Célébration and invited by Johnny Reusens my IT colleague and friend with Marek for the 10 % progress 10 days out of 100 days achievement. Along the equivalent of champs Elysées.the kaiser avenue in antwerp.Nokia offered us the parking facilities. We are excited to take pictures with our dear colleagues.

Johnny and Fakrou in front of Nokia main entrance
Celebration for our 10 days trip with Marek and Johnny … This is Antwerpen Champs-Elysées

During the lunch we have an open discussion about circular economy,climat change, and inequalities between countries and inside a country.
We take the options to identify all the possibilities regarding our bbi tour issues.
We make an online reservation for a flat to clean wash our clothes during this hot day.42 deg
Antwerp is a nice city and need to discover by walking and that’s we did.

How to avoid this Passion … Think about it !!!

Tip of the day : How to escape away from toxic people ?
You may have met in your environment family, Friends, colleagues ,…a toxic person who takes all your energy so the rigth strategy is really to escape away if You Can (sooner or later You will need to expose yourself else burnt out and to give some push backs)
you can recognize them as they are négative and not proposing suggestions, Always claiming, blaming You, being répétitive on endless request doing nothing by themselves, making You guilty ,they are often insisting,they block You doing as they will see only risks.at the end they will treat You as a Buble grasping your positive energy and You will feel Bad ! And when a blackmail occurs this is a confirmation that person is toxic !!!

DAY 9 :

Solar machine évolution …
Are you talking to me ?

Early departure at 7h20 to avoid hot waves of heat from the camping heading towards closest stay to Anvers at 128 bike km. Looking forward meeting our Friend Johnny at Nokia site.
Frankly this is The hardest day and the most longer since our departure. But let’s take it easy although this is burning us in addition to the Sun.

The Power of Flowers

The list a la Prévert below
1) First tyre left front changed
2) Second tyre right front changed
3) Rear Big tyre changed. First Time heavy rollhoff speed integrated wheel. Succeding the change within under flushing rain.
4) We Found on the road the restaurant « le bon moment » where freshly we appreciated the meal and the drink. We thought this is a good timing and reward for us. After the rain the good weather as we say
5) Again rear tyre crashes despite the foam bomb to inflate the tyre. It does not last longer
6) Sunday Found Axel young Guy very kind for a New air chamber. He is Going to start his life in the army as a mechanical job. Enthousiast and supportive ! Ready to help his country.
7) Close to the camping Roosendael in Walem district 19 km far from Antwerp, 5 rays of the right front rim break ! We changed them. Yes fed up now ! – 

8) Finally close to the camping we think we are saved. Absolutely not. Strangely the right wheel breaks stops the bike without pressing manually the brake lever!!!. We remove the cable. You know what ? it is stopping every second automatically when biking. I said to Patrick this is white Magic but as a Cartesien does not believe in this explanation. – 

Many thanks to Joël for his help : a great guy passionate by mechanical !!!

Enfin arrived at 9h30 pm in the best camping Roosendael never ever seen even in France !

  • Tip of the day:  » Practice self satisfaction ! »
  • To let go ( lacher prise ). To forget all the complaints…
  • Meaning You have full satisfaction of what You have here and now.
  • Think about a tiny reason to laugh, to be satisfied even very small today !

Driven 108 Km : / cumulated km : 912

Electrical energy consumed : 19,7 wh/km // Total energy : 2207 wh

Solar energy: 1397 wh with contribution 64 % / 7,1 Ah

Regeneration by breaks : 3,6% – 1,66 Ah

Air quality index breezometer : 46 moderate ( normally it is good at 72 in Antwerp area.

Pollen : 2/5 low – weather 36°C . My exposure 5,9% moderate.

Cumulated number of interviews on surpassing ourself : 12

La fresque du climat quizz : 1

Circular economy presentation : 3

Progress on writing « Surpass ourselves !!!  » Book : 2%

Patrick is woke up by a nice white bird Colomb stuck into his tent.
We go out earlier at 8h15 this time so not to be burnt by the hot sun from the camping la Jemelle.

The cameraman is too slow for the Colomb …

Meeting with Christian who offers an accommodation in his home gracefully but our contraint does not allow to spend some good time with him.as he is convinced for New green mobility he offered an electrical bike to his wife for easy riding.
We visit CRUPET one of the most famous village of belgium in wallonie. We have been warmly helped by Marie-line, Sylviane and Luc to find bikes shops with our reference.no ssuccess. As again one of our tyre is flat.

Welcome from Crupet

Sylviane is in charge at third échevin of youth tourism culture civism and animal well being. She is truly interested by the practical uses cases of the Solar blue bike for soft mobility.
We eat in a Nice restaurant of the village enormous trout full of almonds cooked with butter!!. Barmaid are really nice and attentionned.
We are now going towards Namur all along the large river La Meuse very very nice roadtrip.
Temperature reached 41°C. I could not stand to dive into it with my bike short ! I have a extrême feeling to be in paradize – 
Found one type of tyre Big Ben. we will try it to check if this is going to fix our issue in shop Mosan at Providenceville. Now Close to Namur getting rest in camping les trieux at Malone climbing 13% Rising road.Meet Kaesh a young man nice curious about the bluebike as Netherlands is The country of bicycles.
He is Going also to do 700 km biking.

Crupet fish is so good
some long way with forests …
  • Quote of the day:  » welcome at best anything happening to you »

Driven 75 Km : / cumulated km : 804

Electrical energy consumed : 21,7 wh/km // Total energy : 1802 wh

Solar energy: 1226 wh with contribution 74% / 5,5 Ah

Regeneration by breaks : 11,5% – 3,72 Ah

Air quality index breezometer : 54

Cumulated number of interviews on surpassing ourself : 11

La fresque du climat quizz : 1

Circular economy presentation : 3

Progress on writing « Surpass ourselves !!!  » Book : 2%


We meet before going to Rochefort our next destination looking for bike shops a Nice Netherlands couple interested and having similar journey for 10 months biking in Australia and New zealand.

Caroline and rodrick enjoyed the Solar bike concept.they are asking many questions on the genesys of the project, on circular economy, the human bug in our brain for expedite joy to take pleasure NOW whatever the consequences on our Blue Planet. They try to find the ecological balance in their lire professional/sharing More Time with family.

We align the geometrical of the rear wheel so not to consume the lateral part.

We see a lot of houses with Big Solar panel on the roofs.

We are obliged to reduce our speed and number of km per day in order to protect the tyres and to find the most resistant ones due to our 2 small jantes. The strongest found on the web are the Schwalbe Big ben plus 20’’X2,15. We are definitely engaged to find a bike shop having in stock.
We have been warmly welcome and helped by the bike shop Hard and cycle in Libramont city.

We paused in the forest for a picnic ( 2 carrots, one sardine fish, 4 breads, one shaffle, one belgium bread sweety speciality ).
We need to find the right mix to nutrish and eat well balanced food.

The ardenne region is full of Christmas trees. The landscape is the paradize for bikers regarding various difficulties (Valley, collins,..).
The temperature of Solar panel reached 45°C. Very difficult to bike between noon and 4 pm since 3 days.
The camping around Rochefort are full except the camping of la jemelle finally in Rochefort.

  • Quote of the day:  » take time doing nothing and just inspire. Expire look and no jugment »

Driven Km : 68 / cumulated km : 739

Electrical energy consumed : 20,9 wh/km // Total energy : 1497 wh

Solar energy: 1616 wh with contribution 112% / -2,5 Ah

Regeneration by breaks : 6,1% – 1,67 Ah

Air quality index breezometer : 48

Cumulated number of interviews on surpassing ourself : 10

La fresque du climat quizz : 1

Circular economy presentation : 2

Progress on writing « Surpass ourselves !!!  » Book : 1,6%

Always pushing L’ENVOL mission


After a good night in a free camping place in koerich Luxembourg, we look at the best way to cross south to North belgium Ardenne area. Our gps is looping instable not our trip.let’s go go Arlon in belgium . We discover along the rode an hôtel for dogs and cats doggy palace 5stars.
We see the strange chicken market in Arlon.The main place is the great mean to dream.
See the 2 below mixtures :

We met Gérard a belgium lover of Madagascar surprisingly interested to deliver Solar bike there.
Heading towards Neufchâteau now lookin for a camping near the lake as we are tired and hot weather.the Solar panel exceeds covering all our engine capacity needs.
We meet franco-belgium family near the lake passionated by our Solar bike enjoyed discovering the bluebike History and also interested by our next step startup step.The man is working also in mobility business. They helped us kindly to find cycles shop and another camping as the camping du lac was closed. They found for us for an Netherlands owner camping Les Spineuse.
We took a typical NL basic food such as burger and french fries with mayonnaise.
Looking forward for waiting with impatience the day 7.

  • Quote of the day:  » be cool with yourself doing just enough work for 8 hours so not be guilty »

Driven Km : 88 / cumulated km : 671

Electrical energy consumed : 20 wh/km // Total energy : 1873 wh

Solar energy: 2088 wh with contribution 116,2% / 41 Ah

Regeneration by breaks : 6,8% – 2,43 Ah

Air quality index breezometer : 50

Cumulated number of interviews on surpassing ourself : 9

La fresque du climat quizz : 1

Circular economy presentation : 2

Progress on writing « Surpass ourselves !!!  » Book : 1,6%

DAY 5 :
Warmfull goodbye from Guy family And cat rebelle and dog Houpette at camping Les étangs de mandre.
Let’go for meurthe et moselle touristique road heading towards entry point Esch sur alzette

We are the champions for 5 tyres replacement in 48 hours !!! :
We need to solve this painful issue in belgium in the 2 coming days. We are studying the best options for the trip.
We had our first full meal ! In the restaurant mon p’tit plat… home cooking made at piennes.
We meet a lady in the restaurant caring children in poland in humanitarian actions as a nurse with many children in orphelinat and also knowing association l’Envol.
Nearby the unique France dollies capitale fabric and museum of France.
Entering in Luxembourg esch sur alzette meeting BENU eco village responsible Andrée explaining the background and History of the place.building rebuilt with container wood and non chemical toxic products

Andrée Architect Designer
Reuse of clothes and designed with best quality offer in BENU eco village

The Principles are exactly aligned with us in resonance despite the heavy and agressive model of financial capitalism short term views of majority of today decision makers.

Dollies manufactory
Guy friendly family
  • An eco system and place which make people move
  • Transparency
  • Social responsibility
  • Local production
  • Ecology excellence

This example is typically the one for circular economy reaching the target of zéro waste,upcycling (short loops),repair,reuse,refurbish.
We look for a camping at 30 km thanks to our Solar free energy and a chance to meet a Nice couple of cyclists Living in meursch who helped us to find the camping of koehrich différent from the one selected but gps bugging Always recalculating.
We notice an Amazing number of likes on the road by Luxembourg people
We Come late After 110 km exhausted in 9 hours.
We take a frugal dinner and expecting regenerating night.

  • Quote of the day:  » if You crook someone, You will pay it sooner or later pay for it.  » Myself -:)
    • Experiment if You Can and You will see it directly or indirectly…
    • Meaning dig a hole for someone to trapp it, You will fall into in tour turn.

Driven Km : 110 / cumulated km : 583

Electrical energy consumed : 20 wh/km // Total energy : 2277 wh

Solar energy: 1611 wh with contribution 71,4% / 30 Ah

Regeneration by breaks : 3,4% – 1,45 Ah

Air quality index breezometer : 73

Cumulated number of interviews on surpassing ourself : 8

La fresque du climat quizz : 1

Circular economy presentation : 2

Progress on writing « Surpass ourselves !!!  » Book : 1,6%

Tip of the day : one rule to be relax

Do not compare yourself to anyone rich smart awesome,..

Else getting negative emotions feelings and bringing self destruction and waste of energy.

Remember you are unique ! Don’t have time to waste. Go ahead and increase your self esteem.

L’ENVOL support during the tour

DAY 4 :
Wakup early in the morning in camping groseillier with sweety trees of mirabelle at breakfast and hurry a bit due to numerous things to plan (best road to select in terms of landscape and historical interest …) We pass through Dombasle village in order to join the road to military sites.
We need to reduce speed of the bike as our front tyres are suffering.but still keeping above 100 km per day despite unforsee TTCn issues.
Sivry la perche road seems the nicest mean to join Verdun area.
Verdun is a Nice city even if the war past was tragic : the battles were particularly blooded
The D913 crossing La forêt de byVerdun is the historical road to theses tragedies : many places with key monuments to 1914-1918, … We discover this area with a lot of forest, a lot of climbing roads and panoramic landscapes. We see Douamont nécropole memorial 1418 and the forte de vaux. We Come to verdun see again the War museum , the cathédrale and la cité basse . Verdun is the centre mondial de la paix. We bought 2 New tyres to replace .and check the trike to naturet bike shop with a Nice and supporting team.
Arrive earlier to rest better and dry our clothes before sunset to the great camping of. Les étangs de mandre.
We interview the owner of the camping also farmers and milk producer regarding our book.he surpassed himself being already in green economy changing milk business not profitable .
And to produce well locally high quality meat.short loop : producer to consumer.

  • Quote of the day: « If you cannot help or do good support for someone, do not mess and stay away  » My Father Akbaraly
    • This is a way to start to be positive in the mindset

Driven Km : 102 / cumulated km : 473

Electrical energy consommed : 20,5 wh/km // Total energy : 2189 wh

Solar energy: 1817 wh with contribution 85,1% / 35,6 Ah

Regeneration by breaks : 4,8%

Air quality index breezometer : 75

Cumulated number of interviews on surpassing ourself : 6

La fresque du climat quizz : 1

Circular economy presentation : 2

Progress on writing « Surpass ourselves !!!  » Book : 1,6%

DAY 3:

Ready to go not so early in the morning, saying good bye to the campers cyclists
Different tyres seem not so strong due to power capacity on the total weight of 250 kg.
We have some doubt about the top quality as expertes.dissappointing. New tyre front rigth After 300 km needed to be replaced

We meet one expert checking jaunisse disease on betterave red sugar field with drone.he is in charge to detect and protect area impacted.
Typically good use of drone for farmers to quickly operate.
Interesting use of drone parrot anafi thermal caméra we do to checkup if Solar cells on the 4 panels are optimized.

It is difficult to find Nice roads for cycling relax for panorama views.
We do not find food shops along the road until 3 pm afternoon. We discovered just before sainte menehould a great bakery with hot meals.

It is strange Valmy village has no facilities.
The famous long roman road is unique and fantastic

We have decided to not exceed 8 hours per day, then we arrive today at 6 pm in camping Groseillier
This camping is a paradize for campeurs in farms
We are alone with horses cows sheep and fruits excellent mirabelle trees.nice place for drone test.

We discuss with the family farmer who enjoy Living in the country side.
Their daily life was not impacted by the covid lockdown.

  • Quote of the day: « Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony » M.K.Gandhi.
    • This is the way to check if you are true with yourself. Else on long term you are not going to be credible !

Driven Km : 112 / cumulated km : 371

Electrical energy consommed : 18,5 wh/km // Total energy : 2169 wh

Solar energy: 1929 wh with contribution 91,6% / 39 Ah

Regeneration by breaks : 4,6%

Air quality index breezometer : 79%

Cumulated number of interviews on surpassing ourself : 5

La fresque du climat quizz : 1

Circular economy presentation : 2

Progress on writing « Surpass ourselves !!!  » Book : 1,5%

Eva from L’ENVOL is always enjoyed to support us

DAY 2:

Departure direction Reims heading Luxembourg.
Kids enjoying blue bike
We finally go through nice champagne region without any tasting this bubbled famous wine
We experience high and numerous hills and valley. The Sun fortunately is with us.
The villages shops are closed on Sunday. We only find basic food veg and salads fruits healthy for fakrou as too fat.
We take a picnic in the heart of champagne.
We look at optimized bike road non air polluted thanks to breezomter application combined with gps Scenic road
The Dormans city was the one World War 1 remember humains suffering

We must fine tuned the break engine noise on front rigth wheel

Sandra kindness and Joëlle at the breakfast

We have been nicely given fresh water by a lady when going through the famous church of coulonges
We pass through Reims to join the closest camping.le val de Vesle by the canal
But not adapted for exiting bike lane as the bluebike is longer than standard
We arrive at the camping very late After 10 hours of cycling
The camping is mainly visited by North european citizens belgium Netherlands uk
We have enjoy and surprised to
Discover and meet so many passionated cyclists
Glad to be with Edith Manu Lydie and Jean-Philippe. Manu is building compact trailer for bike !
Nice uk neighbours offering hot water for coffee.
The blue bike is the buzz of the people of the camping.
Many of met people are interested in New mobility and green economy.we are astonished !

Manu and Edith are passionated by cycling: they create a useful trailer
All together sharing our common passion
some bucolic trip along the river
Great support from L’ENVOL
  • Citation du jour : « Rien ne sert de courir ; il faut partir à point. » De Jean de La fontaine.
    • Toute chose demande du temps. Il faut s’y consacrer autant que nécessaire, et non sous-estimer une tache et la faire tardivement à la hâte.
  • Blague du jour:

L’institutrice vient de lire à ses jeunes élèves la fable de La Fontaine, Le lièvre et la tortue.
– Quelqu’un a-t-il une question à me poser ? demande-t-elle.

Le fils d’un turfiste enragé lève la main.
Moi, madame. Au départ de la course, à combien elle était cotée, la tortue, que je calcule le rapport ?

Driven Km : 131 / cumulated km : 259

Electrical energy consommed : 20 wh/km // Total energy : 2692 wh

Solar energy: 1922 wh with contribution 71,9% / 36 Ah

Regeneration by breaks : 3%

Air quality index breezometer : 79%

Cumulated number of interviews on surpassing ourself : 4

La fresque du climat quizz : 1

Circular economy presentation : 2

Progress on writing « Surpass ourselves !!!  » Book : 1%

happy ! coffee is too much appreciated

DAY 1: August 1st from 9.30 am to 10.30 am in Nokia Paris Saclay

A great support from friends warmly from nozay. The day 1 departure is continuing the genesis of our nice story.

We do a drone experience @parrot tour in the site around Nokia garage

We present the global 3 years project to our friends with some nice pictures and videos With a key focus on the climate collage showing the kids quizz board, On circular economy implementing immediately blue economy

The heart of this story on top of this discussion tell them how important is for us to make dream of the children of l’envol Warm very friendly departure late after 11am, stressed and difficult exit from Paris suburb

Lenvol supporting our « Surpass Oneself trip »

We cross many cool inspiring landscape around coulommiers area (famous cheese) another way to live differently compared to our picture close to centre George Pompidou in Paris.

We arrive after 128 km-6h30mn in the camping choisel at st cyr les MORINS valley of grand morin We are tired but a happy drink welcome from the family campers. Curious children happy discovering Solar blue bike. We cook and try eat the first and bad meal of the day :pasta

Breakfast offered by Sandra leading Camping Choiseul

Night is regenerating our health conditions

Some tests during the winter preparation phase in Paris Versailles

English crowdfunding: https://www.helloasso.com/associations/coaching-pro/collectes/suntrip-2020-raise-awareness-promote-green-mobility-sustainable-and-global

French crowdfuding: https://www.helloasso.com/associations/coaching-pro/collectes/sensibiliser-partager-demontrer-une-mobilite-durable-mondiale-suntrip-2020

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    Cc Fakrou tonton.et Patrick
    Bon courage à vous et C’est génial votre initiative, bisous et bonne chance pour la suite

  16. Lubrano B

    Quelle aventure, bravo à tous les deux!

  17. Stefan and Lucy

    Enjoy the small village Westmaas and your stay at Family De Jongh. Good luck during the trip to Amsterdam. Stefan and Lucy

  18. Christian

    Je vois que vous avancez…, mais non sans mal…, avec quelques soucis techniques qui semblent s’accumuler.
    Bon courage…, belle journée et ne piétinez surtout pas vos rêves.

  19. Maria

    Hello Fakrou tonton et Patrick

    Merci de partager vos aventures, c’est top !
    Bravo à vous, vous serez plein de muscles au retour !
    @fakrou tonton on pensera à vous très fort pour Pehli raat !
    Bisous et bon courage pour la suite du voyage
    Maria (Souma)

  20. Alexandre

    Bravo pour votre engagement et courage à vous en ces jours de fortes chaleurs. Assistance électrique à fond 😉 !!
    L’équipe EV4 France

    • Mariyah

      Coucou Fakrou tonton et Patrick! Quelle belle aventure que vous faites là🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️ profitez bien de tous ces moments! Merci de partager avec nous vos belles photos, vous nous faites voyager!
      Courage pour la suite du voyage!!
      Bises, Mariyah

  21. Jannot Claire

    Bravo Fakrou et Patrick !
    Quel courage et c’est passionnant de suivre cette aventure. Très bonne idée ce blog et je dis fan des citations du jour, on en redemande !
    Tout 60000rebonds est avec vous, j’en suis sûre.
    A bientôt

    • BlueCoach Patrick & Fakrou Auteur Article

      Merci Claire
      Nous savons que la situation des entrepreneurs est particulièrement difficile en ce moment Covid mais nous sommes de tout notre cœur avec vous !!!
      Notre Logo 60000Rebonds nous accompagne au quotidien : DEPASSONS NOUS !!!

  22. Eric

    Bonjour à vous deux, continuez à mettre en avant les bonnes initiatives sociétales et ecologiques qui se présentent à vous, merci. Je veux croire que dire et redire quand cela a du sens fera necessairement bouger les mentalités. J’espère que votre problème d’usure de pneu avant s’améliore. De loin ça fait penser à un pb d equilibrage du poids des charges ou de parallélisme. Bonne route

    • BlueCoach Patrick & Fakrou Auteur Article

      Merci Eric pour ton soutien par ces mots !!!

  23. Sarah

    Coucou Papa et Patrick,

    Super ce blog, trop fière de vous, quelle inspiration !
    J’adore la quote of the day que tu m’as apprise déjà petite et qui me guide depuis :
    « Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony » M.K.Gandhi.

    Hâte de lire la suite des aventures, gros bisous,

    • Christian

      Ne piétine pas tes rêves…, tout simplement. Belle journée. Christian

  24. Marçais Desvaux

    Super « Envol »Patrick ! J’espère que vous n’avez mal nul part et que l’usure de vos pneus ne va pas devenir problématique .Il faudra peut-être trouver un sponsor dans les pneumatiques! Je vous souhaite beaucoup de courage et vous envoie un peu de fraîcheur normande 😉 bises Dominique

  25. Dominique Desvaux

    La champagne est magnifique! Le champagne est pas mal non plus 😉
    Formidable de rencontrer de superbes personnes. C’est un belle decouverte tous ces cyclistes , des vacanciers « autrement  » ! Est ce dû à cette pandemie dont on ne se débarrasse pas ou à une évolution lente certes mais durable des vacances?
    On pense à vous

  26. Fidaly ikbal

    Super Facrou je compte sur vous pour représenter France et madagascar

  27. Houssen S Zulficar

    Bravo facrou et Patrick
    Superbe aventure
    Bon courage

  28. Aimadaly sabbirhoussen

    Fakrou bon voyage et amusez vous bien c’est une belle opportunité bravo et bon courage

  29. Zeinoul Valibhay

    Bonjour Patrick et Fakrou,
    Votre aventure force l’admiration.
    Que Hélios, Inti et Râ soient avec vous tout au long de votre périple.
    Bon courage À tous les deux.

  30. Abdoulhoussen

    Fakrou , Patrick, nous sommes admiratifs devant votre volonté pour cette belle aventure .
    On vous suivra , c’est sûr pendant ces 100 jours !!
    Bon courage quand même car il faudra pédaler !!

  31. Dilchade Goulam

    En admiration pour toi Facrou ! …courage à vous deux et réussite surtt !
    Bravo !
    Goulam se joint à moi pour vous soutenir..
    Félicitations pour cette belle aventure !
    Nos encouragement vous accompagne !

    Goulam et Dilchade

  32. Dominique Marcais Desvaux

    Bonne route les garçons ! On pense à vous deux, on vous suivra. La prochaine fois il faudra prévoir une halte en Normandie 😉
    Soyez prudents
    Bises Dominique

    • BlueCoach Patrick & Fakrou Auteur Article

      Merci Dominique !!!
      Un grand plaisir à te revoir pour se raconter une belle vie solaire…

  33. Abdoulhoussen

    Que vous dire !! Vous êtes formidables !
    On vous souhaite que le meilleur pour cette belle aventure qui vous attend .!!
    On vous suivra , c’est sûr !!
    Bonne route !!

  34. Backir Kourbane

    L’aventure, c’est l’aventure,
    Une bonne expérience et une bonne avancée pour une etape ecolo, bon courage et toutes nis pensées avec vous

  35. Choquin

    Go,go,go as has said one of your friends aboie, and « be sage » as another wishes you to be « .
    I’ll follow you all the way,have fun.
    Pascale C.

  36. Pascale Choquin

    Go, go,go as was already said by one of your friends above. And Also « be safe « , as another wishes you to be.
    I wil follow you all the way.
    Pascale C

    • BlueCoach Patrick & Fakrou Auteur Article

      Hello Pascale, sure the covid is not helpful to meet safely and bring to life the climate change, promote circular economy. hope we will find large space to do some gaming / workshops… Thank you !!!

    • Mustafa

      Hi Fakrou, have a fun, safe and memorable journey across many countries. We are super proud that you, along with your partner have taken this initiative to help save the environment by creating the solar bike. Hope the best for your endeavors.

      From Aliasgher, Nafisa, Hussain and Mustafa

    • Hatim AGA

      Merci pour ce voyage et découverte
      qui sensibilise la génération future
      Une très belle aventure

  37. MOHSIN

    Fakrou &Patrick

    Vous avez préparé cette épreuve avec le plus grand soin.
    Alors je vous souhaite le meilleur pour cette aventure que vs avez ciblé de longue date.
    Mes encouragements vous accompagnent .


    • BlueCoach Patrick & Fakrou Auteur Article

      Mercii Fakrou !!
      jour J demain -:)
      On s’impatiente…

  38. Saifuddin Adamjee

    Hello Fakrou & Patrick
    Vraiment une très belle aventure.

    • BlueCoach Patrick & Fakrou Auteur Article

      Mercii Saifuddin !!! on y croit à fond -:)

  39. Maria

    Soit vous êtes fous, soit vous êtes fous 😁! Vous ne lâchez rien et j’adore ça!
    Rien qu’à cette étape, vous avez déjà décroché la Lune. Et c’est parti pour Mars 😉
    Bonne préparation et bon départ !
    Go go go for climate, Go go go for Fakrou& Patrick!
    La bise, une de vos plus grandes fans

    • BlueCoach Patrick & Fakrou Auteur Article

      Trop Cool Maria !!! Le problème des fous c’est qu’ils ne savent pas qu’ils le sont. Donc tout leur parait « normal » !😁 !😁

  40. Sefou Moussadjy

    Patrick, Fakrou, nous sommes admiratifs devant votre volonté et votre engagement à nous sensibiliser sur les enjeux climatiques. Sachez que ça commence à faire effet !
    Nous serons avec vous tout au long de votre magnifique projet. Bon, faudra pedaler quand même !!!

    • BlueCoach Patrick & Fakrou Auteur Article

      Merci Sefou !!! on va continuer à pédaler pour vivre en équilibre… Oui la sensibilisation est une première étape, la mise en action en est une seconde pour agir sur trois niveaux individuellement, par les collectivités et les politiques, et par les Entreprises pour transformer nos sociétés les rendant plus résilientes, plus écologiques.
      Offrir des services et des produits durables utiles en réduisant les impacts sur la biodiversité et sur les ressources extraites de la planète bleue est un enjeu surmontable et que l’on ne peut plus ignorer autrement nous mettons en peril la vie de nos jeunes aujourd’hui maintenant et des futures générations.

    • BlueCoach Patrick & Fakrou Auteur Article

      Merci Patrice ! L’enjeu climatique est crucial. Quelles que soient les hypothèses pessimistes. J’apprécie beaucoup l’optimisme de Cedric Ringenbach : « foutu pour foutu, on tente le tout pour le tout !!! »

  41. Sajid

    Super Fakrou & Patrick. Bonne route.
    All the best !
    On vous suivra ….

    • BlueCoach Patrick & Fakrou Auteur Article

      Mercii Sajid ! On espère voyager découvrir rencontrer et partager différemment sur des routes accomodantes ou le vélo solaire/électrique a aussi sa place. Pour la voiture, symbole de libertés, domine dans notre imaginaire. Tout est est construit autour. Alors cette bonne route que tu nous souhaites est vraiment nécessaire -:)

  42. Solange

    C’est génial ! bravo ! quel courage ! Nous sommes avec vous par la pensée ! 🙂

    • BlueCoach Patrick & Fakrou Auteur Article

      Merci Solange pour ton soutien et ton enthousiasme !!!
      Nous ferons la visite des sites Nokia pour partager nos valeurs durant ce long Road Show

  43. Fabrice Radja

    Superbe aventure en perspective !
    Félicitations d’avoir accompli déjà un tel parcours. Le meilleur est à venir, chers Patrick & Fakrou !!!

    • BlueCoach Patrick & Fakrou Auteur Article

      Bravo Fabrice pour ton soutien moral depuis le début de cette belle histoire. Notre projet initial converge de plus en plus : Que du Bonheur à partager !!!

  44. Christiana Gardikioti

    Enchantee d’avoir fait votre connaissance !

    Contactez nous a Paralio Astros … la place de MERAKI PEOPLE

    Christiana Gardikioti

    • BlueCoach Patrick & Fakrou Auteur Article

      Merci et à bientot sur la Route du Dépassement de Soi.

      • Arif Mohd

        What can I say more? You guys already a champion. This tour is going to change your perception of life. As someone rightly said, « If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting for the rest of our life! ». I wish you both good luck and stay safe. All the very best. Just rock it!

        • BlueCoach Patrick & Fakrou Auteur Article

          Hi Arif
          You are a great guy always facilitating our long story from the first proto up to the next steps. Your star in the sky will continue to realize our dream.

        • BlueCoach Patrick & Fakrou Auteur Article

          Hey Arif, you are a friend, we know each other too much, so of course you look at us with pink hearted eyes.THANK YOU ! i truly appreciate your last words => just rock it ! Yesss

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